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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes


Could you be so kind and have a look at 2 bios files for me please?
I have the modded Sparkle FX5900XT but the settings from it I wish to be imported to the Gigabyte FX5900XT bios. I mean all vcore, memery speed, latency, My card is a Sparkle FX5900XT with rev2 of there bios but randomly my post boot screen detects the card as a 256 meg card and it is not it is a 128 meg card and the computer crashes. I have tried using the gigabyte FX5900XT bios and it works a treat not false detections and stable.
So now I am looking for the moddifications that have been done to the Sparkle bios to be set on the Gigabyte bios. once this has been done I should have no problems and running with sparkle's modded settings.

If this is ok can you please e-mail me at and I will send over the 2 rom files.

If this can be done It would be very much appreciated indeed.
Many thanks
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