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Unhappy Re: how to make nvidia driver work on Red Hat 9 updated kernel (2.4.20-31)

You have to have the kernel sources to install the driver, or you must use the precompiled kernel module from an RPM.

The kernel source:

Links to the kernel in case you don't actually have that specific kernel can be found here, where I got that one:

I'm not sure what you mean by XF86 couldn't find the driver when you installed with the RPM from ATrpms... if the kernel module could load.. I suspect you didn't install all the packages. You need more than one:
The main package:
The libs package:

And a kernel module package (assuming you're using an i686 kernel)

Install all three and you *should* be set. Just modify the config to use 'nvidia' rather than 'nv'. Make sure you have matching nvidia driver version numbers (for these that is 5336) and you have the right kernel version selected.. there is a separate package for each kernel build type, bigmem, smp, etc). All the nvidia-graphics RPMs are on this page:

(been along time since I installed ATrpm nvidia-graphics into RH9, this could be slightly inaccurate) :\
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