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Cool Re: Fx5800U?!?! Plz help

Originally Posted by Xplode
Also I heard that the fan noise of the 5800 is really loud even when its idle.
Don't believe eveything you hear. This is rumor-mongering by the ignorant.
Originally Posted by Ruined
I _owned_ the ASUS 5800 *non*-ultra and even without the blower on it the annoying high pitched whine of its turbine fan at idle got to me in less than 30 minutes.
The whine of my 5800 non-U was so friggin annoying I ripped off the fan and used that card as a gunea pig for (successful) watercooling experiments. Yet owning a non-Ultra does not substitute for an informed opinion on the Ultra.

I own both 5800 and 5800U. I suggest that gives me an informed opinion.
- My 5800 Ultra fan in 2D is silent. Perfectly silent.
- My 5800 non-U stock fan is louder in 2D than the 5800 Ultra in 2D.
- My 5800 non-U stock fan is louder in 2D than it was in 3D.
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