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Default Re: Fx5800U?!?! Plz help

Originally Posted by Xplode
Yes I did go with the Fx5900XT since almost everyone recommended it.(hope all em were right) like I said I need this card for about 2-3 motths, Then I'm gonna get a new rig with the NV40's. I just gonna overclock it and enjoy until then... Also I heard that the fan noise of the 5800 is really loud even when its idle. Only thing I dont get is how does the 5800U have a huge lead over most 5900 cards in benchmarks??
Indeed- the 5800U is silent during 2D operation/ quite noisy during 3D. As far as benchmarks, the 5800U excels because of raw fill-rate- a byproduct of higher clockspeeds...5900 brought nothing new to the table (save for a 256-bit memory bus that had negligable benefeits). Even running shadermark shows the advantage of the 5800U over it's successor-
Here is a 5900 (courtesy of

neither card is modified or overclocked AFAIK
...and here is a (my) 5800U:
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