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Default Re: Thief 3 Deadly Shadows Thread

Originally Posted by NAZCA M12
Erm, you misunderstood. It wasn't directed at you specifically. It's just that widespread feeling about the game being ****ty in general just because it's performance is up and down. I say bash the game, but for the right reasons. To say for example that it's graphics are worst than Doom 3, an unrealeased game that we don't really know a lot of stuff about its performance either, is a tad premature. I too expect it to be better btw, but i'll prefer to see it first. After all, i remember a game named IW that would be king, but turned out to be a bit terrible.

I didn't count my fps, but i run the game at 800x600 with AA/AF/bloom off and it was smooth. Had the same problems with shadows using the 4.5's so i used 4.4's. Weird thing is it never crashed, nor did i had any problems re-assigning the keys to my liking like some other people. Same with the demo.

In any case, performance isn't perfect but it's another thing i'm worried about: feeling. And Thief III definately hasn't got that Thiefy feeling for me. There are some great levels after that terrible start (ex the cradle) but overall, lots of things are missing. Things that the good old Dark Engine could do. Go figure
i wish this game would have been more stable from the get go. i'm not having problems, but for people who havent played to orginals (poor souls) this game was gonna put thief on the map. oh well, and doom 3 has me worried cause.. if the thief 3 designers felt this was a great game.. they werent totally accurate.. what about the doom 3 guys? i hope they remember what makes games fun... originality and storyline. cross our fingers..

by the way.. i am still debating on a 9800.. i am only holding out cause of doom3 and everyone saying it is gonna love the 5900
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