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Thumbs down GeForce FX picture quality question

I think about buying NVidia card but I'm afraid of picture quality. My anxiety is based on bad experience with Prolink PixelView 5200 (GF FX 5200). I had this card for testing. I have good flatpanel (SONY SDM X72) connected by DVI cable. The picture form Pixelview card (DVI cable) was blurred. Pixelview connected with VGA cable gives picture even worse than with DVI cable. Now I use Gigabyte Radeon 9000 PRO and the picture quality is best I ever seen (very very sharp).
Maybe some of You get very sharp picture on DFP connected to the NVidia (GeForce FX) card by DVI cable. If yes, please tell me about gfx card model and vendor.

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