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Talking Re: NVidia framebuffer driver to replace vesafb

I spend lots of time staring at VTs (using vesafb) and would appreciate the ability to control refresh rates in high resolution modes above all else (I find the speed adequate). There is no way to do this that I am aware of -- you get 60Hz. Unfortunately.. since the vesafb module is initialized very early in the kernel I believe such support from nvidia may require some level of bootstrapping in the mainline kernel at least -- they could not release a driver that would handle 2/3D accelerated framebuffers without part of the code being included in the kernel it is to run on. Comments?

Update: Yes it takes code active at kernel boot.. but VTs can be run in higher refresh rates with vesafb.
Here's the thread where I found out how, and got the patches -- Gentoo forums to the rescue once again. Updated patches are linked from the very end, page 9 right now. This still works with the nVIDIA driver just fine -- no its not the accellerated solution others would like.
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nVIDIA video driver RPMs for Fedora :: see yum repo at

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