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Default [multiple X screens] can't use the second one (no mouse!)

Hi, here is my config :

Geforce FX with VGA out, DVI out, and TV out.
Flat Digital Panel connected on the DVI out.
TV connected on the TV out (s-video).

I can set something up with "twinview", but my TV will be detected as primary monitor, so i had to trick it switching sync frequencies (TV freqs in monitor section, and LCD in device section).
It's quite OK, problem is some stuff will display on the TV (for instance, the log in screen at X startup), and i'm not supposed to have TV always ON.

So i decided to try the "multiple X screens" config.
I did it, and it seems OK, got my LCD in 1280x1024x24@75Hz, my TV in 1024x768x24@60Hz.

Problem is, how do i use the TV screen??? No mouse in there !!

Please help
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