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Angry Help! Problem installing Driver on SMP kernel.

I'm having a problem installing the latest driver on Mandrake 10.0 Official. I upgraded to the latest kernel from mandrake 2.6.3-13mdksmp. I downloaded the Kernel source RPM from Mandrake and installed it. It created a directory called : linux-2.6.3-13mdk and a symbolic link called linux in the /usr/src directory.

When I boot into 2.6.3-13mdk (no SMP) and run your nvidia installer it successfully complies the new Nvidia driver and after I make the changes to XF86Config-4, I can type startx and I get the white Nvidia splash screen that tells me that the new driver loaded fine.

Then I boot into 2.6.3-13mdksmp and try this all over again (both uninstall/reinstall and kernal-mode -only) and when it gets to the point when it trys to complie the new nvidia driver I get an error about "Not able to determine Nvidfa module name" or something like that.

uname -r when I try to do this is 2.6.3-13mdksmp.

Can anyone suggest something to try? I thought that it was because I didn''t have a SMP version of the Linux Kernel source code. But accourding to people on Mandrake forum there is only one version of the Kernel source and I already have it installed. It installed in a directory called : linux-2.6.3-13mdk and created a symbolic link called linux in the /usr/src directory.

Like I said it all seems to work with Non-SMP version of same kernel version.
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