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Default [twinview] how to specify primary and secondary monitor ?

Since nobody seems to use multiple x config, i guess i'll just have to get my twinview config to work.

So the problem is, having one FDP(DVI) and one TV plugged on my Geforce, TV is detected as primary display. So the only way to get a working XF86Config-4 is to set TV frequencies in the monitor section and FDP frequencies in the device section, And to set the twinview orientation LeftOf and to move my menu bars on the FDP. There, i have everything on my FDP, and TV is right of my LCD, cool.

Problem is, TV being primary display, i have some stuff which is displaying on the TV only, like the login screen at X startup. And since i'm not supposed to have TV always turned off, it's not so cool.
So any way to specify who's gonna be primary display?? When i had a CRT it was automatically taken as primary and TV as secondary.

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