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Default Re: My 6800 Ultra

ROFL OK heres the scoop of my **** machine with a 6800u in it

3dMark first run no OC the vid card and 60.12 drivers

10616 3dmarks

Keep in mind i only have a 1.8 P4 o/c to 2.2 and 1 gig of 333 mhtz ram

Ok second try i o/c the core to 412 and the mem to 1.20 gthz

GT1 175.5
GT2 94.5
GT3 76.7
GT4 62.6

everything still runs stable and 3d mark score was 10809

LOL i think once i put in a 2.8 p4 and OC it ill get some better results

ill try push it some more
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