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Unhappy crap performance out of GeForce FX 5200

Hello Everyone,

As i posted in another thread I have a ASUS V9520 Magic GeForce FX 5200 128MB card in my Dual Athlon MP 2000+ w/MSI K7D Master-L mainboard w/1GB RAM, running Fedora Core 2 w/ a vanilla 2.6.6 kernel and the nvidia 5336 run 1 drivers.

I am getting worse performance out of this card than with my older GeForce 2 GTS card (glxgears on old card is about 2600, on new card is 1300)

I dropped down to 16bpp mode from 24 ( was getting about 800fps in glxgears in 24mode)

now all of my games seem to be running a lot slower. ( Quake3, Neverwinter nights,

Any idea where to start? I can post whatever configs are required...

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