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Default Re: My 6800 Ultra

I try to find the ceiling for overclocking and then drop it down a bit from there. I would hate for you to play a game for a couple hours and then see smoke coming from your case!

I was really trying hard to wait for this card but Nvidia's plodding product launch is just too much for me. I have one of those Gateway X800XT cards on order right now and if it ships next week then I am happy. If they pull some garbage on me and put it on backorder then I will probably cancel that order and just wait for one of the high end cards to pop up in a brick and mortar.

Either card is good if you ask me - fanboys need not bother flaming me. I am bad about upgrading video cards so I will probably re-evaluate both camps at the end of the year when they release their inevitable refreshes. Besides, I got a X800 Pro in my PC right now as a lease until I get my new card and sell this one to my friend.

Enjoy your card!
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