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Question multi-kernel nvidia driver installation problem

first of all, I just migrate to linux (Mandrake 10) and I am configure my system. so far I install the nvidia driver (ver.5336) with the installer that comes with it, and it compile perfect (I had some newbee troubles like where is the source code and blablabla.) anyway, The system now runs blender and UT2004 and every time I start X the splash nvidia logo comes out. GOOD

Now to the problem: there are many Kernel you can run at boot time with LILO and there is basically:
1) Standar Linux (where I installed the nvidia drivers)
2) Linux Enterprise (specially for servers)
3) Linux smp (multiprocesor)
and more.
Ok now when I run X in the Standar linux it starts (with the nvidia splash screen) but whe I run the Enterprise and smp it uses the old nv driver and not the nvidia (that you change in the XF86Config-4),also there is no splash screen(cause its using the nv driver)

My questions are:
1) How can I install the nvidia drivers in the Enterprise and smd kernel?
2)Do I need the source code for each kernel type (standar, Enterprise, smp) or I my suppose to use the same one with something that I still have no idea?
3) Is it because I am using de community edition and for the Enterprise and smp source code I need the Official Mandrake 10?

Any Information, How-to or Link will be much ... very much appreciated!!

Just in case I am using an updated Kernel 2.6.3-13 (from 2.6.3-4) with Mandrake 10 Community Ed.

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