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Default TV-out problem

I am having trouble getting tv-out to work. I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 Laptop with the 1600x1200 UXGA display. The graphics chip is a GeForce 440 Go. The driver is 5336. Everything works fine when it's just the laptop display connected, but when I plug the dongle for the tv-out connection, X crashes. The tv-out settings were made by Yanc, if that helps. What I am trying to do is have the lcd display and a television display a clone of each other. It would be nice to have the lcd display at 1600x1200 and the tv at 640x480, but I don't know if that is possible. At this point, I would settle for restarting the X server with the tv-out cable plugged in and it changes the resolution on both to 640x480, or 800x600 (I think the tv can handle it). Attached is my config file and the error log file, although it may not show the errors because when I start X without the tv-out cable plugged in (as I did now to get X running to type this) it works fine.

Any help is appriciated!
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