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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

hi jimmor,
As far as the timings and this being typical, a more proper way to refer to
the bfg card would be "freak" lol
the 390/430/737 is what bfg clocked it at stock.
Actually they took chaintech cards and oc'ed them.

Yes the leadtek is here and I'm running it, you wouldnt believe the difference!
I wanted to run it a few days before I commented, actually I wanted to run it a week, thats about the time it takes to see how good or bad it will be.
for me anyway.

I cant even compare the bfg to the leadtek, being that the leadtek blows it away speedwise, with more software and price, the bfg was a few dollars more.

So far I'm feeling VERY cheated by bfg, In my opinion, this xt oc is a rip off, you can get an origional chaintech $40 cheaper ! and the chaintech has better cooling too.

running the leadtech @ 300/475/950 and it rocks!

LOL @ speaking nicly to the bfg, I cursed the wretched pile of crap even a day before the leadtek was here.
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