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Originally Posted by Boba Fett
And if they're wise they wouldn't.
Because they would interfere with "business policy".

Personally, I'd too favour the "original" Fedora kernel with an official working Nvidia driver, but we saw it with Fedora 1, it takes time
So for now... in my opinion, you have three choices:
1) Use the Fedora 2 "nv" driver and wait,
2) Work around with the "8k stacks"-update or
3) Replace the videocard.... hmm.... "silly suggestion"

I already did the option two

Hundreds of people are writing on this forum. Over thousands, I believe, are reading it. It would be wise if someone comes and lets us know how the development process goes.

That's what I think about how a 'business' should be. We paid a lot for these cards and we deserve to know when we'll be able to use our OWN hardware.
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