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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

I enjoy suffering lol
Actually I learn more with problems then if I just throw a card in and it works.
Ati tought me alot of real hard lessons lol

this is the exact card

it has the 2.2 memory also I have removed the metal plate on the gpu core.
and yes, it was using your latency mod suggestion.

temps were kinda high at 475/950 61c to 80c
at 450/910 its around 47c to 60c, idle/working.
as far as comparing temps with freak bfg, lol I couldnt touch the memory
chips in it (bfg) the leadtek is hot but not where it would burn you
the bfg would singe fingers.

Yep, no heatsinks at all on the sucker (leadtek) Also I did remove the plate on the gpu core on leadtek too.
so far I'm still at 450/910.
leadtek is much better deal then freak bfg/chaintech :-)
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