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Default Re: My 6800 Ultra

Originally Posted by Jethro
U guys that pay over 300 bucks for a video card are just plain insane@!!! U do realize that in about a month or maybe 2 the same card will be 40~50~60% lower in cost?lol

A GT will prolly be 90% of the ultra perf and be around $250 within the same timeframe!

sorry just had to get that out there

Reguardless nice to see some feedback on retail cards and im looking forward to me shiny new GT. I really feel like were back in the TNT, G2 and even G4 days where alot of performance is yet untapped with these monsters. game on!
i agree with you, but only because i dont have the money to burn. I will be getting a GT myself, but if i did have the money (like most of the enthusiasts here) then i would get the ultra. They want the best possible performance, and if you want that, you gotta pay for it
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