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Default Re: Fx5800U?!?! Plz help

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Nope. I'm Saying a 5800 loses its fill rate advantage big time by OCing a 5900, Because with a higher memory bandwith you get more more Fill Rate per mhz Than you do with a 5800.

a 5900 @ 475/900 hits a higher single texturing fill rate and practically equal Multi Texturing fill rate than a 5800 Ultra in most circumstances.

Due to having more memory bandwith,

You lose a lot of effiency of core with a 5800 due to memory bandwith bottleneck.
It's on!

I agree memory bandwidth is good, and that the 5900 series has better shader performance, but:
1. I don't think you'll see a huge difference in at playable settings in either card (i.e. you have to hit the limit of your bandwidth for it to be an issue)
2. Your argument is based on the supposition the part you buy will OC it's memory 100MHz, which is a pretty huge OC for that slow RAM they put in cards made to spec at 350Mhz. (i.e. to go from 700MHz effective to 900MHz effective, you have to bump RAM speed from 350>450MHz)
3. Not everyone wants to/can OC
4. 5800Us OC too, both memory and core (look at what Waltar ran his at-
560/1200(!) )

Anyway, my original post was mainly to point out the many persisting misconceptions about the much misunderstood and maligned 5800U, which I've been loving using for months now.
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