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Default Re: Fx5800U?!?! Plz help

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
I agree the 5800 Is a great product, and I wasnt really basing my conclusion on On the extra 100 Mhz, Would you believe raising the memory from 700 to 900 mhz only gives me about a 3-4 FPS increase in most benchmarks?

But it does increase the texturing Fill Rate, I agree there isnt a major difference, But I usually fill the pros out weigh the cons of a 5800/verses 5900.

While not everyone wants to/can OC, You have to admit, Most people whod buy an FX 5800 Ultra would be a pure enthusiast,

I do agree that there is a misconception about the 5800, But I also dont believe the 5800 Is all that "superior" to a 5900. In most cases, I think the 5800/5900 line are fairly equal, The architectual differences for DX 9.0 definately weigh in the 5900s favor, But DX 8.0/Fixed Function. The 5800 does seem to have a slight advantage

anyway, Good discussion, its definately worth considering all aspects.

Agreed- good discussion. Were I looking for a ~$200 card these days I'd probably try to find a used 5900U.
You and I probably wouldn't have much to discuss in regard to nVidia cards, it would seem we agree on more than we disagree on.
Mostly I wanted to point out the huge errors in the other posts.

The 5800U must be allowed to R.I.P.- it was better than most gave it credit for.
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