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Default FreeBSD: IRQ sharing?

Hello all,

I was trying to install FreeBSD on my workstation, after using it for a long while on my router. Everything went well untill I wanted to install my nvidia module, first off it freezed my whole computer, and when I booted up my FreeBSD again it didn't find my LAN card.

After investigations I found out that the problem is that my LAN card is in the same IRQ with my GeForce. (in IRQ 11 btw.).

I've searched through the bios and there's no settings about changing the LAN cards IRQ or not even that I could disable it. The LAN card is intergrated so I can't swap PCI slots.

The conclusion: The nvidia module on FreeBSD seems to eat up the whole IRQ and doesn't let the LAN card work.

System specs:
FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE-p8, AMD Athlon 2600+, 1GB DDR 333, GeForce fx 5700 Ultra and EP-8RDA3+ mother board with NForce2 chipset.

If you have futher questions just ask.

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