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Question Re: Guide to A7N8X Under Linux

Hi All

I use SuSE 9.0 with Kernel 2.4.21-144 since this is the one that comes with the distribution. I exactly followed the instructions in the NVidia readme to compile the drivers. I installed the necessary packages to build them an then ran make and
make install. As a result of this I get some warnings about unresolved symbols and tainted modules but still it compiles.

Also there are several messages about a User "buildmeister" thats missing an that make is using user root instead. make install then doesn't put the compiled files in

/lib/modules/2.4.21-144-athlon/kernel/drivers/sound & .../net

but puts them into

/lib/modules/2.4.21-override-athlon/kernel/drivers/sound & .../net

and when I try to insmod, then this fails cause of unresolved symbols

I can absolutely not figure out why this happens. There are no errors when i do the preparing steps in the readme before I start compiling...

The only thing I can imagine is that the Kernel shipped with the 9.0 distribution has no builtin support for the build modules.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me.
I'm very desperate 'cause I want to use my nforce NIC and sound properly


BTW I'd really dislike to rebuild my kernel cos everytime I tried this, I had some success but some parts of my system always became messed up...
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