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Default Re: People overestimate how many people this site bans

going along with chris here...

I enjoy the community... there are some rough spots (ie dialogue in the political forums) but name one similar forums on the internet that is open and does not have similar strife?

other than that we have over the years had good contributions and continue to get good contributions from various elements...

some people choose to blatantly violate guidelines and proper netiquette when they feel they are being slighted and it is these elements who spread FUD...

I am regularly active on and I post on a part-time basis @ r3d (enjoyable segments of the forums though the sheer number of members and the ridiculous rate @ which they post there frighten me)... b3d (knowledgeable community with the pre-requisite bad apples becoming more abundant lately but still one of the most professional forums I visit... enjoyable) and the msi and anandtech forums (both very very rarely... only when required in the case of msi's or when really really bored in the case of AT's)

the abundance of whiners on the internet is expected and chris is right saying those who scream the loudest usually are the ones that get heard...

the best thing I like here is that no matter what happens the mods do not allow the bad-mouthing of other forums as should be the case...

we may not always like each other or agree with each other but hell its fun just hammering out arguments
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