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Hey guys, Yes I'm new to this forum but I hope I can ad some intelligent and sometimes interesting posts to this forum, but before I get off track, let me get to why I joined this great forum, and yes it is one of the better forums I've seen. I recently cancelled my pre order for my radeon X800XT PE that I had on hold since the second day you could pre order them, WHAT is this guy nuts the ATI fan boys say, nope I just thought it was time for a change. As you can see I am neither an ATI, or NVIDIA fan boy, but like JAKUP respect both of the companies and the products they offer, and I also am going from an ATI 9800 pro to the 6800u. I personally think that the 6800u has more room to improve than the X800XT PE, and think that ATI has shot there wad for the year with the X800XT, seeing as how a mere 15-20 mhz increase on the X800XT sends this card into fits, and also noteing that this card is made from the low k process. The X800XT may have the leg up right now, but seeing as the nv 40 is a totally new chip design and the r420 is based off of the more mature r300 architexture and even with the 4.5 or 4.6 being beta drivers for the X800XT, I really don't see how they could squeeze to mutch more performance from that architexture. So I thought I'd give the nod to NVIDIA this round and try out the 6800u and hope they get all those famous driver performance increases NVIDIA is famous for. Where as with my ati cards I have never seen anything like the 15-20% improvements NVIDIA is famous for.
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