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Eh, oleasgamer, bonjour!
Bienvenu a le "nvnews", et se réjouir.
Comment ca va?
Je suis tres bien aujord'hui.

Oui, ce forum est tres juste.
Le prochaine fois, pouvez vous avoir un peu de grammair avec ta aérogramme?

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I have GOT to get one of these cards. It seems like it's taking forever, and I'm afraid that by the time I'm ready to buy, the refresh will be close by. Ah, the dilemma.There is just to many advances coming. Socket 939, PCI-E, etc. I don't know whether to upgrade now or not!
But, at any rate, I can't stand another minute of gaming at 640x480 16 bit on my GF4 MX. It's driving me nuts. I'm still only getting 16 fps on some games like Halo. *Sigh*

Of course, when you think about it, I really shouldn't be complaining. About 2/3's or more of the world probably don't even have computers, and another part of that probably are wondering when their next meal will come.
Funny story

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