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Default Re: Driver screwing up tty's 1-6

Originally Posted by The_Mercenary
Thanks a lot jerickson.
It helped me out of this mess and it was quite easy although I miss my 1024x768 console
(lot of space for text) since when it goes to configure my system eg. Samba, FTP or something, I don't like X, I prefer the good old console

But I think I can live with it
You may not have to get rid of the framebuffer console. In Mandrake 10 I found that only the video mode that comes default (the one with the faded out logo on the console) caused problems. Adding vga=0x303 to grub.conf got my friend a 800x600@8bit console and no problems, maybe you could try vga=0x313 which, if I'm not mistaken, is 1024x768@8bit (just check the vesafb.txt file in the kernel's documentation dir).
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