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Hey JaKup,

If you get bored and want to see what your graphics card/system can do, here's a real stress test. Others feel free to try this too.

Get FRAPS, and also enable dev mode/god mode in Far Cry. You will need lots of mercs for this. You can not enable higher than 4xAF from within the game so go ahead and open your system.cfg file. Set filtering to ANISOTROPIC and the the level to 8 or greater if you are feeling bold. Enable 4xAA or greater. Set your resolution to 1280x1024 or greater if you are a bad a$$.

Load FRAPS then Far Cry. If you don't already have everything set to very high, do so. Exit and restart to apply. If you already have that set then good for you, just load the 'factory' level at medium difficulty and up. When you get to the elevator that leads down to the larger rooms/factory interior start the bench(F11).

Why god mode? Because the idea is to have large fire fights in and around those vast rooms. So aggro all you can. Make sure to run around the top levels as well. If your system never sees FPS in the mid 20's you are awesome and should brag Mine did not, even OCed at times I touched 23FPS.

I am very curious how the XT-PE and OCed ultras will do here.
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