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Default Re: Thief 3 Deadly Shadows Thread

Originally Posted by Edge
Oh, and SH64, this got me thinking: what if the problem has something to do with data that's being loaded from your savegame? Is that an area of the game you've been to before? If so, the only thing I can think of is that the save file for that map became corrupt and when it loads it the game crashes. If it's a new area, then I'm not sure what can be causing it, aside from an error in the map data (maybe try exchanging your copy of the game for a new one? Worth a shot). Only other workaround I can think of is to quickly press ESC as soon as the level loads to go to the menu, then try Restarting the level and seeing if that fixes it (assuming that you have enough time to get into the menu).
The map is Auldale & i already been there before . yeah i have the same feeling that there is a corrupt or something causing this .. maybe because when you leave the map & the guards after you .. they stay there & when i return back & the map is loaded i get into the same spot that the guard is waiting on & that cause the corrupt ??
i get only one sec in after the map is loaded & i can do nothing in that short time .
however i see i f restarting the game from other spots may do something with it .. thats my last chance .

Originally Posted by NAZCA M12
SH64, although i never experienced it myself, i heard some people had problems with corrupt saves. I believe that would happen only with the quicksaving function, normal saves would always work. Try reloading a previous save (not a qs).
i did try all my saved games .. i always save my games in different spots & ensure that between each saved game theres a lot of changes ... but this time none work . whenever i go there i get the same problem .

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