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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by pecel
Thanks jimmor, using your information I have successfully changed my fx5200 speed. Can you tell me where to look for gpu voltage and memory latency tables in fx5200 / fx5200 ultra bios? (I have both of them). Many thanks in advance.
It was only Because I own a 5900 card and could identify and test volts/speeds/latencies that allowed me to come up with a procedure that could be applied to all 59xx bios's ! My procedure was subsequently proven by modifying and testing very many 59xx bios's for successful use by other people.

The reason I posted my Guide to bios modding at the first post of thread was not only to allow people to mod their own bios's, but also to enable anybody to develop their own strategies for bios modding other cards ? And therefore I'm glad you found some usefull read accross to your card's bios !

However, my experiences of investigating and translating bios data have forced me to believe that the chances of success are enhanced considerably if you actually own, and have in front of you, the hardware involved ! And so I don't generally get involved with modifications for any cards/bios's I don't own !!!
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