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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

was reading through the volt mod and am going for that next.
In the process I was thinking, what causes the card to throttle.
I am sure its set by temperature.
Is there some place in that mess of hex numbers it could be adjusted?
Also fast writes and sideband addressing, hex adjusting?
This is for that crappy bfg.
Its system is

Custom power supply I built 450w
MSI 6380LE mainboard
3x buffalo 128mb pc2100
AMD thunderbird 1.4 (not oc'ed)
cheesy compusa generic heatsink/fan
80gb western dig hd
lite-on cdrw
1.44 floppy
2 cheesy case fans
cheesy case
Its a cheesy system, well deserving of the cheesy bfg card. lol

As for the leadtek I probably wont touch it.
I am EXTREMELY satisfied with it.
Gonna play around with stock bios on bfg, if I cant
get decent oc from it, I'll try the ultra bios you recommended
but for now gonna see what I can do with stock bios.

BTW how did the hose work for you?
I like the sheer black :-)
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