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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by jimmor
However, my experiences of investigating and translating bios data have forced me to believe that the chances of success are enhanced considerably if you actually own, and have in front of you, the hardware involved ! And so I don't generally get involved with modifications for any cards/bios's I don't own !!!
I understand, thanks anyway, you've been very helpful. I've downloaded fx59xx bios and was trying to follow your guide, so I knew the voltage table and mem latency table are located after clock speed table. Naturally, being different type, I couldn't find match patterns for my fx5200. Perhaps you would be so kind to describe the process of finding them in the case of 59xx bios?

Normally I wouldn't bother messing with vga bios, but I have intermittent flicker problem with my fx5200 ultra, that I wrote in this thread. It could be low quality components, or improper bios setting by the manufacturer. So I'm trying to solve it, in case it's the later.

Thank you again.
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