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Default Re: FreeBSD: IRQ sharing?

Originally Posted by mayo
That's a interesting problem you have there. I have similar config (except that I run -CURRENT and not release, and don't have nForce board), but 5.2.1 should not have problems with IRQ sharing. (I've used my setup with 5.2.1 too without any problems in console)

My guess would be some issues with the system drivers with the network driver vs. he gfx driver, since they are both nVidia. Might be worth posting to the current mailing list, or creating a PR (or if you dare and don't mind living on edge, updating to current).

But I must warn you, you won't be able to run X with that card, as the NVidia driver (at least the freebsd one, I've tried linux too, but not sure which version it was) does not support the 5700 chipsets (although the readme claims that it does - I've emailed Nvidia about this, no response yet [it's been 2 weeks]).

Looking at the driver, it knows the card is by nVidia, but has no idea about the card chipset.

Ok, so I'll dump the idea of FreeBSD then. And by the way, the LAN card is not NForce2's card, it's a realtek. (My motherboard has two of them, the other one is the NForce2's and the other one is realtek.):
01:0b.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ (rev 10)

I wont dare to upgrade to -CURRENT, I've had too many problems with it in the past.

I've got suggestions about trying to install another LAN card to my system, but it's not possible because I can't disable the Realtek from the bios and if they both were on it would screw up all my other operation systems.

Really many thanks for clearing this up, so I wont be trying hardly to get it working.

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