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Unhappy Re: My 6800 Ultra

Yes Arioch, I to hope this isn't a gateway type situation because I had my evga card ordered through monarch computers,but they were charging 580 per card and comp was only charging 499 plus tax and shipping so it worked out to 544. The only reason I believe they had them is because these cards have been slowly working their way out into the system, and comp wasn't the only vender to have a ship date of the seventh. Ooohh yeh, I will also believe it when I see the card in my grubby little hands! The radeon post had sucker all over it ... I mean didn't anyone else think that 435 for a xt was just a little cheap! OOoohh crap, I forgot again (that last brain cell is givin me hell) the comp site doesn't list the card anymore, if this is good or bad I'll find out in 24 to 48 hours, but if this is another xt fiasco I'm gonna !!!!

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