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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

you can only find the voltage table when you know what volts you are looking for, by first measuring it on a card !

From my 5900 card I knew I was looking for 2D volts of 1.2, throttling volts of 1.3 and 3D volts of 1.4 ! Then it was just a matter of looking for a table with these volts, obviously allowing for volts being binary number ! If, for arguments sake, we assume your cards GPU volts in 2D is 1.3v and 3D is 1.4v then you are looking for a table which shows stepping options like in my guide with options, and 82 (for 1.3v), and 8C (for 1.4v), where these are just the hex representation of volts, as I show in the guide ! But that is the easy part, as finding important data in a bios is not usually that straightforward. Finding a lot of it is actually based on hunches determined by relationships to other known data locations ! If it was easy, then everybody would be modding every bios that ever existed !
I get it now. Thanks.

so if you are not confident with finding and changing the right data, or accepting the consequencies of changing the wrong data, then I would leave it alone, and wait for someone else to eventually find the info you want ???
You're right, I have no confidence at all in doing it. Seems I have to leave it alone for the time being. A sound advice jimmor, I appreciate it.

and your flickering problem is an interesting one, and from what you listed in the post, you seem to have changed or checked just about everything possible ?? You don't however indicate if you checked anything monitor related ???
Yes, I did everything I can think of, including using other monitors that I know for sure are good ones, and using three other cards as well.

Well, since then I've put the fx5200u in my son's computer, and with his untrained eyes, he does not notice the flicker in his games. Besides, I already purchased a second hand MSI Ti4200 on the cheap (50 bucks), and with 10-30% speed improvement over the 5200 ultra, I couldn't be more happier

Sorry for being off topic, and again, thanks a lot jimmor!
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