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Default Re: Fedora Core 2 and dual-booting

Originally Posted by The_Mercenary

I tried Fedora Core 2 a few Days ago. I used a 120GB HDD with WinXP and a second HDD for the Linux installation. I installed the Bootloader to the MBR of my Primary HDD (the Windumb one) and there was no messup... I guess no HDD > 8GB uses the old C/H/S method for addressing, so the Bios should automatically detect and use LBA mode for those HDDs bigger than 8GB.
Maybe you where using a small old HDD < 8GB for Booting?
Nope, it was a 120GB HDD and a 30GB partition on that drive. People with everything from 30GB drives to 250GB drives are having the issue. Linux is able to use C/H/S, and something Fedora Core 2 does to the partition table (it's in the way it reads hard disk geometry) causes the BIOS to see the drive in C/H/S; this is fine for Linux precisely because it can work off either LBA or C/H/S, but Windows will only boot from a drive the BIOS recognizes as LBA. That's why forcing LBA in the BIOS allowed people to again see their Windows install.
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