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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Hi Jimmor! I have 2 major questions: (5900XT -> nU or U)

1. I've tried to flash my inno 5900xt bios many times with nvflash and wfflash, but always the same problem: Board ID mismatch. This problem - I think - cannot be solved by using -p -u or -5 -6 switches (<= vendor/pci ID ...) My board ID is 3510 while other XT cards have 3502 and 5900nU-s have 3500. What is this? There's simly no compatible BIOS for my VGA??!!

2. VGABIOS.exe loads a bios image to RAM. Does this loaded file remains the actual bios-file until restart, or it just tests if it's working and loads back original eeprom bios?

Hope U or someone can help!!! Thx.
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