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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by pecel
I get it now. Thanks.

You're right, I have no confidence at all in doing it. Seems I have to leave it alone for the time being. A sound advice jimmor, I appreciate it.

Yes, I did everything I can think of, including using other monitors that I know for sure are good ones, and using three other cards as well.

Well, since then I've put the fx5200u in my son's computer, and with his untrained eyes, he does not notice the flicker in his games. Besides, I already purchased a second hand MSI Ti4200 on the cheap (50 bucks), and with 10-30% speed improvement over the 5200 ultra, I couldn't be more happier

Sorry for being off topic, and again, thanks a lot jimmor!
good purchase with the ti4200 ! But is a FX5200 really a good way to help a son with poor eyesight !

Before I got my FX5900, I used a ti4200 for a long time and found it to be a very good card.

Depending only on the memory chip type fitted, it is also a very good overclocker ! I overclocked my ti4200 128, which has same BGA memory as a ti4600, to 300/650. And I've seen postings of even higher overclocking achievements.

the only real problem with this series of card is temperature, so good case cooling is important to a long life !

and no probs with the help, glad to !
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