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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by fazi1985
Thx a lot my friend!!! v4.41 complains about nothing. Although I only flashed an other XT's bios, everything worked fine. I go on and try some greater "OC".

Tried a 5900nU bios but no success. Why doesnt it work?
If you read my 59xx bios modding guide at the first post,you will notice that the GPU volts table for a 5900nu and 5900XT are totally different, and this diff alone will make it virtually impossible for you to flash with a 5900nu bios. Problem being that GPU volts error will likely stop card booting into windows. Similar problems will also occur if flashing with 5900u and 5950u bios's. There is a very small proviso to this situation, and that is because the very first batch of 5900XT cards released from manufacturers were just reworked 5900nu designs ! And therefore of course, any of these early cards will happily flash with any 5900nu,5900u or 5950u bios !

with a current unique 5900XT card however, best results are obtained by flashing with other manufacturers XT bios's. And there is very long thread at Guru3d, with modified performance bios's for all XT owners to try ?

there are also underclocked 5950u bios's, if you also must see if your card can flash with them ? Some peoples cards have actually flashed reasonably ok, but thats probably to be expected since many manufacturers current XT/SE/LE/LX cards spec's seem to vary so much these days ???

But personally, I still recommend you stick to XT type bios's !
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