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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by fazi1985
Thx lads! I'll try some other XT bioses.
May volt-modded bioses damage my card? What happens if it gets overheated? Is there any "anti-overheat" stuff for vgas like cpus?
as I have told others, all my voltmoded bios's were done in such a way that it will either work for you or do nothing ! And do nothing means, the bios will provide the same GPU volts that it would have were it not voltmodded ! So totally safe !

Also, there are temperature control safety functions on your card to protect against overheating issues; however overclocking will have some negative effect on this ?

Generally if you keep your max speeds no higher than 300/450/800 then you should be fine ? But remember with overclocking, good case cooling is important !! Also, if, like many XT type cards, your memory chips have no heatsinking/cooling, then I suggest you purchase and fit ramsinks, especially if considering overclocking higher ??


since you have no temp monitoring, it is also important to regularly check, with a finger if necessary, your GPU heatsink and memory chips for excessive temps !! Some people actually buy commercial temp sensors which the stick onto the GPU and/or memory ! And if your memory chips have no proper heatsinking then it is much more important to stick sensors on these than any GPU heatsinking ??
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