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Originally Posted by Evildeus
It's possible that they change the 4*SSAA+2*MSAA to 4*MSAA+2*SSAA which should boost the FPS
Hmm.. I'm not sure what is actually being used, but look at these comparisons.

The first shot is from 8xAA from the CP(61.32). The other is 8xAA Forced using Rivatuner. We all should know that Super Sampling affects AF. And in this case, you can see that the 8xSFSAA in the 61.32 beta forceware's are not using the old 8xS FSAA mode. There is definately less SS being used in the 61.xx drivers. Which does explain the performance increase. But it does also show that SS is still being used. Interesting. It seems though that the new 8xAA is using the old OGMS since it works on my Fx5900u. Maybe on the 6800u it uses the new RGMS AA instead?.. Interestingly, 4xS forced through Rivatuner show the exact same affects on AF as 8xAA through the Cp.

BTW, jakUp, you can use Rivatuner to enable the other FSAA modes. They seem to be working on my Fx5900u. I'd like to see some benchmarks with 4xS FSAA.
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