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Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Fivefeet, Even with Riva Tuner, The old 8x and new 8x modes are broken. For the Nv3x Series, You'll get Anti aliasing but not at the same quality. I pointed this out in the 61.34 driver thread.

Its pure super sampling, With no multi sampling. Only for the Geforce 6 6800 do you get the the new proper multi sampling/super sampling hybrids.

So In effect, 8x in Control panel for Geforce FX users is a 4x OGSS, With a Texture sampling offset, and old 8x is a 4x RGSS, with texture sampling offset from geometry again.

But there is no multi sampling occuring.
Ah.. Then JakUp may see thing differently on his 6800u. hmm. Does this mean that the new RGMS AA is what is being used on the 6800u with it's hybrid modes? Could be why the older OGMS AA isn't used in the hybrid modes on nv3x cards since they don't support RGMS.
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