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Originally posted by SavagePaladin

When will you people give it a rest?

Serious Sam supporting two renderers doesn't mean it supports them both perfectly. Sheesh.

Look at all the great running games based on DX: Max Payne, No One Lives Forever, C&C Renegade, Hostile Waters, and many many more.
The games you named are not in my experience the fastest games. Both MP and NOLF can chug on lesser GPUs. Haven't played the others.

Want other games with dual renderers? Try UT, Halflife.

The only DX engine that has impressed me recently is the newest Unreal engine (America's Army).

There is no way you can tell me that DX is inherently more stable than OpenGL... you may remember just a few weeks ago MS released a patch for DX that finally fixed random crashes that plagued many DX games. Not to mention the patch required to run GTA3.

Stability and flexibility are only two of the advantages to OpenGL. Multi-platform support being probably the greatest; OpenGL is supported in almost every OS out there.

Back to the original topic, I am sure D3 will run on almost every setup out there, from GF1 and up. Carmack's games have always been made to be very backwards compatible. But to get the full effect of shadows and bumpmapping, a GF3 or R200 is minimum. I bet 64meg cards will really be stressed too, just look at all those high-res textures, plus all their accompanying bumpmaps. I don't really know why Carmack says D3 will achieve its peak on the NV30 since he doesn't have one yet... all he has to go on are the same specs we have. Sometimes I think Carmack likes to be a PR bitch for the graphics mfgs.
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