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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by fazi1985
I flashed your Aopen RL XT bios (480/800). I OCed rams till 960 and no artifacts (Artifact Tester 5.0). I do not dare to go farther, since the lack of heatsinks. But what's your opinion about my gpu? It doesn't seem to OC well, to tell the truth, at all!!! Simply 405MHz is way too lot for her. While benchmarking, after about 30secs of measuring, it stops for approx. 30secs - I think sits back to throttle speeds - and goes on. I achieved higher scores with 380/700 setting, than with stock 400/700.

What can be done? Buying a better cooler? Raising voltages a bit?

(Purchasing a case-cooler, and ramsinks for a small case-mod is in progress.)
the Aopen XT bios you are trying has throttling at stock 375MHz, so obviously if you are overclocking too high, it will likely throttle back during games testing !

memory speed of 960 is way too high for a card with no ramsinks ! Untill satisfied with memory temps during stress testing, limit memory to max of 900 ! And if GPU overclocks are poor with Aopen bios, try another, but this time with throttling mod, like the POV or Leadtek XT's at 300/450/850 ! Or just try as many XT bios's as you like, noting any overclocking problems as they occur !!! Even limited with normal 1.4v on your GPU core, it should overclock to at least 450MHz ?? That is unless the manufacturer of your card used poor quality GPU chips ???

you may never find any that give great overclocks, just because your card may not be best quality ??? As I sometimes say, you can't make a silk purse from a sows ear ! So if starting with a sows ear, then you are limited in what can be achieved with any bios !
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