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Default Bug-Report for external CRT on laptop

The system is a SuSE 9.1 based kernel 2.6.6 with ACPI and the latest Nvidia-closed-source driver. When starting the laptop with BIOS-setting regarding displays set to AUTO it will select the external CRT for the startup messages. When starting X, X will crash, showing an empty screen. In the log you will find an oops of the nvidia-module (see below).
If the display-mode in the BIOS is set to both, the startup will be shown on both displays - but X starts on the internal display only.
Using "TwinView" Option does not change this behaviour.
The hotkey-display-switch does not function - I think it is only thought of working with APM?
When will we see an ACPI-suspendable version of the nvidia-module.

Cheers hartwig :-(

Originally Posted by hgfelger
Salut Milang,
Originally Posted by milang
DId you manage to make running X on external display?
No, just checked. Also a reboot did only show the text-console on the external display.
When X started, I found out, that it did a

Jun 7 11:33:37 cow kernel: Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address f0002396

Jun 7 11:33:37 cow kernel: [__crc_fat_dir_ioctl+531449/947208] _nv004561rm+0x7
5e/0x894 [nvidia]

Jun 7 11:33:37 cow kernel: [<e0ee6af2>] _nv004561rm+0x75e/0x894 [nvidia]

Jun 7 11:33:37 cow kernel: [__crc_fat_dir_ioctl+333128/947208] _nv004563rm+0x1
5/0x1c [nvidia]

Jun 7 11:33:37 cow kernel: [<e0eb6441>] _nv004563rm+0x15/0x1c [nvidia]

Jun 7 11:33:37 cow kernel: [__crc_fat_dir_ioctl+270065/947208] _nv005184rm+0x4
6/0x50 [nvidia]

So X actually did not start, when booted with external CRT connected...

On the other hand I noticed, that ACPI debug showed me <4>[ACPI Debug] String: Length 0x1E, " ---- Ctrl+Alt+F5 switch ---- "
<4>[ACPI Debug] String: Length 0x0D, " SMI routine "
when I pressed the Fn+F5-display-switch-combination...

So maybe not all hope is gone, for the future.

Cheers :-/
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