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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by fazi1985
With original bios, it stopped at 405, now it takes this speed, but no higher. It's useless to try all bioses, I suppose, cause it's possibly a poor chip. But my question is: can I yield greater speeds with a volt-mod? (with this poor quality chip, and of course a good cooler) Or it would just damage the card?

What's your opinion about Artifact Tester? Is it reliable?
I can't believe your GPU speed won't overclock beyond 405MHz ?? The default for a XT type card is 390, and you are saying that yours only goes 15MHz higher, then stops ??? Overclocking doesn't just stop ! You start at some point getting artifact issues and at some higher point it may lock up, but speeds don't just stop ?

If your core speed can go no higher than 405MHz with original or any other bios, then first thoughts are that either the GPU chip or other Card components are faulty ?? Or, just maybe the GPU heatsink is not making good thermal contact ??? And, If we widen the scope of possabilities, a very low core overclock can also be forced by having a bad PSU ???

Before you even consider a voltmod, it would be most interesting to know what current GPU volts you get ??? Should be 1.2v in 2D, 1.3v when throttling triggered and 1.4v in 3D !

And, if your GPU voltage is minimum of 1.4v in 3D, and you still can only overclock to 405MHz with this level, then you should be considering replacing your card, not voltmodding it !!!

Also, its not useless to try many bios's, I flashed with about 20 before I settled with the MSI bios I currently use ! You see I wanted better performance and was prepared to go to whatever lengths necessary to get it !!! There are no instant easy answers with this kind of activity ?

The artifact tester should not be considered a good testing mechanism for your card !!

I used Aquamark3 for a lot of overclock testing because it is quite stressful and doesn't take long ! Also for final testing to prove efficacy of overclocked speeds; I also usually set both driver AA&AF to 8x, as these levels really stress your GPU and memory !!
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