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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by fazi1985
I think stock speeds should be 400/800. Firstly gpu was set at 400MHz by default (by Inno), secondly RAMs are 2.5ns Hynix, so OC is measured only after 800MHz.
So it really "dies" at 405MHz, with both bioses. "Dies" means: stops, and sits back to throttle speeds, which means, it gets too warm, or sg. Stock cooler is pretty small, and does not cover vrams. Other Inno 5900XT users can OC to about 420 with this cooling, which is still a lot higher than mine.
You can be right: - cooler does not fit to gpu perfectly
- gpu is faulty (what is PSU? )

I'm sorry for this amount a questions!

PSU is your computers main power supply, which may be 300Watt or as much as 500Watt ??? Wattage rating will be printed on side of PSU !

Apart from actually having a problem with GPU heatsinking, most people I know with very poor overclocking had poor quality PSU's ? But even with them, overclocking didn't just stop ! And the 420 other Inno 5900XT owners are getting is very poor, unless something is also wrong with their cards ??? Are we just back to GPU heatsinking ???

And if your default stock GPU speed is 400, then only overclocking to 405 isnt worth the effort ? So you have got to sort out if it is PSU or just bad heatsinking that is your problem before considering any form of bios flashing or overclocking ??

Fitting a better heatsink is probably the best way to start, since for good overclocking it is essential that GPU/memory temps be kept under control ! So you will need it anyway, and it will instantly show if heatsinking was your problem ?


and don't worry about the number of questions you ask, if it gets you the answers you need, then ask what you want !
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