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Default Re: What distro do you use?

Originally Posted by dschueths
Poll should separate RedHat from Fedora....not many users of RedHat anymore.

Not really true. A lot of firms and universities still use RH. Eck, a lot of them are still using rh 7.3 or even older versions.

Here, at the Dept. of Physics at the University of Milan, Italy, we're still using a mix of RH9 and RH8 (only a couple of boxes on more than 30, but still...).

Fedora is not at option atm, mainly because of the incompatibilities w/ some programs/drivers.

Not to mention the clusters, where fedora (w/ 2.6) is way too bleeding edge atm. When you have to run a 16 or 32 boxes cluster 24/7 w/ some important simulations running on it, you have to be damn sure that os doesn't screw things up.
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