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Default Re: agpgart code fails to compile


I have exactly the same problem. To make the agpgart compile with nvidia patch, I had to the line of the patch containing agp_bridge.num_of_masks=1:

//agp_bridge.num_of_masks = 1;

then agpgart compiles and can be loaded and work... until you use it.

I have an ATI Radeon 9200 (I was really stupid buying that sh..) so I installed the fglrx driver of ATI. Everything goes right during installation. But X does not start because when trying to use the drivers for the AGP and for the card, it arrives to strange error of memory allocation. There is obviously a big mistake for who use suse withe kernel 2.4.20... I do not know if it is an agpgart or ATI error...

I am considering upgrading to suse 9.1... kernel 2.6 seems to have less problems...

If anyone have some comment on this, it would be nice.

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