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Ok here is my sap story. I haven't been able to play or even SEE Far Cry yet. My 5900u got b0rked 4 months ago and I've been living with a TNT2 until I Can get my hands on an NV40 (Its going to be hard to settle for anything less than an Extreme (450mhz) version) or the r420 if it looks like the Extreme Edition is going to be impossible to aquire.

Is Far Cry actually playable at ~30fps? I hate it when fast action games like UT, etc get below 60fps. But is the pace of Far Cry slow enough to where you don't really notice it is only going 30ish fps?

This might have some impact as to which card I end up getting.

Hey Jakup. Any way you can do some quick benchmarks with your card at 450mhz and 425mhz? I also had problems with UT (ONLY UT) pausing every so often when I would overclock my 5900u. This is why I want the 450mhz nv40.
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